Gerapid is a high speed DC circuit breaker, suitable for protection of mains and semiconductors in railway and industrial applications.

They are special single pole breaker for application in all fixed installations, e.g. as feeder-breakers in tractionary substations (underground, trams, local trains), in industrial plant protection (electrolysis plants, mines or steel mills) or in particular physics research, for protection of the superconductive coils in purpose-built accelerators.

A wide range of models facilitates rated currents up to 10.000A and rated voltages up to 3900V in accordance with IEC 947-2, EN 50123-2 and ANSI C37.14.

Main Features and Benefits:

  • Same dimensions from 2600A up to 8000A
  • Rated voltage 1000V up to 4000V
  • Housing and arc chute with insulating material, with compact dimensions.
  • 2-stage contact system for long life main-contacts
  • Solenoid drive with integrated control unit, short time operated
  • Electromagnetic trip drive operating independent on current direction, fi xed or adjustable settings
  • Available with integrated current measurement unit type SEL (optional up to 4000A)
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