• 11151 Amman, Jordan

Jabal Omar Development Project

The program of this project takes into consideration religious tourism which attracts millions of pilgrims from all over the world, who need to find a quality shelter offering the appropriate services of 3 to 5-stars hotels. This service is adapted to an extreme density of pilgrims needing to pray, move, and eat at the same time.

  • Jabal Omar Development Project, covering an area of approx. 230.000 m2, is located in Mecca west
  • The program of Zone includes 3-Star to 5-Star Hotel
  • A Public Watertank on all the plot.
  • A Mall, of 42 000 m2 approximately occupying 4 levels of retails including an amusement area.
  • A main atrium of 2000 m2 that is the main entrance to the hotels, 30m high, covered by a sky dome.
  • A public car park on 3 underground levels with a capacity M”Ase of 416 cars
  • The towers in contrast have between 13 and 42 levels (for the Twin towers)


Location: Mecca, Saudi Arabia
Client: Jabal Omar Development Company