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Special Application Fuse Links – Time Delay

  • Time delay Fuse Links are used in conjunction with circuit breaker overcurrent releases
  • "XF" range is designed and manufactured in accordance with ESI 12-6 Time Fuse Links
  • "XF" range should be used on all new installations
  • Available in ratings from 3 Amps to 15 Amps
  • "TLF" range is an old design of time delay Fuse Link
  • "TLF" range should only be used for replacement purposes
  • Available in ratings of 5 Amp, 7.5 Amp and 10 Amp
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Special Application Fuse Links – Aircraft

  • Range of lightweight, high performance Fuse Links for use in Aircraft
  • Certified for categories of duty 250AC3 and 120DC3
  • Comply with the requirements of BS 88 and BSG 176
  • Current rating of "AS" range is 0.25 Amps to 20 Amps
  • Available with ferrule termination or alternatively tag contact type (designated "AST")
  • Current rating of "UA" range is 30 Amps to 300 Amps
  • Motor circuit version also available (designated "UAM")
  • Approved by the "Air Registration Board"
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