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Modular Control Devices – Series PR – PriorityRelays

Priority relays offer the possibility to limit the energy consumption in installations with a defined maximum power. This limitation is getting measuring the installation total current continuously and in the case consumption would be higher then fixed value, priority relay would disconnect the non-priority load.


  • In accordance with IEC 61095
  • Nominal voltage : 230V
  • Contact type : NO or NC
  • 2 Modules
  • IP20 terminals
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Modular Control Devices – Series MT -Measurement Devices

Comprehensive range of analogue and digital measurement devices to measure voltage, current, frequency, hours, watts, kilowatt hours, power factor etc. in single phase and three phase circuits.

  • In accordance with BSEN60051-1-2
  • Analogue voltmeter, ammeter, frequency and hour counter meter
  • Digital voltmeter, ammeter, frequency, wattmeter, kWh meter
  • Digital multimeter / network analyser with optional remote communication
  • Direct or indirect (CT) connection
  • Appropriate CTs also available (not shown)
  • Signal converters and selector switches
  • DIN rail mounting
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Modular Control Devices – Series T -Transformers

Used to supply power to bells and buzzers in the home or to supply power to control circuits for relays, contactors, impulse switches during the control of lighting and heating.

  • In accordance with IEC 61558
  • Bell transformer output power from 5VA to 30VA
  • Safety transformer output power from 15VA to 60VA
  • Bells and buzzers
  • Two tappings on the secondary 8, 12 and 24V combinations
  • 220-240V primary voltage
  • Number of modules 1, 2, 4 or 6
  • IP20 protection
  • DIN rail mounting
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