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Foot Switches / Safety Foot switches – Series IP

Foot switches , for intensive services suitable for controlling and monitoring of low voltage AC and DC electrical circuits.

  • Comply with IEC 947-5-1 standards
  • Single, double and triple pedal operation with and without guard
  • Positive opening contacts operation in slow break and snap action formats
  • Multi function operation formats: – Spring return Press ‘on’, press ‘off’ Two stage Normal with potentiometer Latching
  • Spring return NEW Line! Remove point after Latching
  • Comply with IEC 947-5-1 standards
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Control and signalling units diam. 22mm- Series P9

Main Features


  • The P9 line offers three types of operators:
    • round in satin chrome
    • round in engineering thermoplastic
    • square in engineering thermoplastic
  • Wide opaque and illuminated operating and signalling devices in a wide variety of colours (6 different colours
  • Complete range for base and panel mounting
  • Wide choice of contact blocks and light source options available
  • Patented operator fixing ring for effective security
  • Optional anti-rotation feature provided as standard with all operator types
  • Logic level contact block switching 17v 5mA
  • Wide range of full voltage power supplies with integrated LED in 6 different colours and 3 different tensions (24V ac/dc – 120V ac – 230V ac) normal and flashing light
  • High brightness mono LED’s in blue, red, green, yellow and white colours
  • Indicating lamp operators with either refracted, diffused or glass lenses
  • IEC947 compliant
  • Wide choice of enclosed assembled pushbutton stations
  • Great endurance without maintenance
  • Low energy consumption
  • No risk of overheating
  • Great resistance to vibration and accidental bumps


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