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Variable Speed Drives – VAT 20

VAT20 is a small, flexible and low cost drive, for standard AC motors covering the power ratings from 0.2kW to 2.2kW at 200-240V Single Phase Power Source and from 0.75kW to 2.2kW at 380-460V Three Phase Power Source.

VAT20 includes a reliable set of both motor and drive protections, keypad and display, programmable digital and analogue I/Os, multi-mode frequency setting, Jog function, DC Braking and other functions only available in expensive drives. An optional accessory allows DIN rail mounting.

This drive range meet global UL and CSA standards, and is CE Marked including a built in Class A. Residential compliance is met by an external optional foot-print filter

Key Features


  • Compact DIN rail or panel mounting range
  • Voltage ratings: Single phase systems 200-240VAC and Three phase systems 380-460V, 50/60Hz
  • Applicable motor Power ratings from 0.2 to 2.2kW
  • Overload capacity 150% / 60 s
  • Working ambient temperature -10 to 50°C
  • Operator interface built-in keypad with LED display
  • Built-in EMC filter Class B
  • Global Standards UL & CSA and CE
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Contactors for Capacitors Switching – Series CSCN

With built-in resistance to switch three phase capacitor banks

“CSCN” contactors incorporate a front block with three early-make auxiliary contacts together with 6 quick discharge resistors (two per phase) through which the capacitors are switched to the network, reducing the current peak.
Once the resistors have damped the current peak, the main contacts shortcircuit the resistors, carrying the uninterrupted current.
A few miliseconds later the early-make auxiliary contact closes to guarantee that all current flows through the main contacts.

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Industrial contactors (Upto 450 kW) – Series CL and CK

  • IEC 947 standards compliant
  • Complete range:
    • 3 pole 4 – 450 kW at 400V, 9 – 105A AC3 rated
    • 4 pole 25 – 1250A AC1 rated
  • DIN rail mounting up to 55kW. Panel mounting across the whole range
  • A wide range of AC, DC and Electronic coil control voltages. DC operating limits 0.8…1.1 Us and operating limits 0.7…1.3 Us
  • Terminals in accordance with EN 50005, 50011 and 50012. Degree of protection IP20
  • Wide range of accessories:
    • Timers
    • Interface devices
    • Supressors RC, varistor and diode
    • Auxiliary contact blocks side mounting, also front mounting 4 -55kW
    • Mechanical/Electrical interlocks
    • Mechanical latch 4 -55kW.
  • Spare coils and contact kits available
  • Wide voltage tolerance DC coil control
  • Energy efficient low power coils
  • Quiet operation DC and Electronic coil control
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Minicontactors (Upto 5.5 kW) – Series M


  • IEC 947 standards compliant
  • 3-pole: 2.2kW to 5.5kW – 380/415V – AC3, 6 to 12 A – AC3
  • Control circuit :AC, DC, low coil consumption (1.2 and 2W/24V). DC operating limits 0.8…1.1 Us and operating limits 0.7…1.3 Us
  • 4-pole: 20A AC1,Control circuit : AC, DC
  • Available in 3 different contact configurations
  • Terminal protection degree IP2X
  • Terminations: Screw, Ring Terminal, Fast-on – 2 x 2.8 mm (on request 1 x 6.3 mm) and Printed Circuit Board configurations
  • Terminals:
    • Numbered according to EN standards
    • Posidrive terminal screws
    • Mounting in line.
    • Terminal numbering in accordance with EN50012 and EN50005.
  • Coils:
    • Protected against overheating
    • Easily interchangeable
    • Spare parts
    • Wide Tolerance 0.7 – 1.3 x Us
  • Mounting:
    • 35 mm DIN-rail mounting or screw fixing
  • Accessories:
    • Front mounting auxiliary contact blocks.
    • Two and Four pole contact configurations.
    • Protection degree IP20.
    • Side mounting auxiliary contact blocks.
    • Single circuit contact blocks.
    • Common for AC or DC contactors.
    • Possible to mount up to 4 blocks in tandem.
    • Delay ON Electronic timer for front, side or DIN mounting timing range 0.5 – 60 sec and 0.2 – 24 sec.
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Electronic Relays

  • DIN rail or panel mounting, single or multi voltage
  • Multiple application types:
    • Motor re-start
    • Earth leakage
    • Phase unbalance, failure and phase sequence
    • Voltage detection and protection
    • Current detection
    • Frequency control
    • Thermistor
    • Liquid level
    • Reactive power regulation
  • Multiple time and contact combinations
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Plug-in Relays – Series PRC

  • Three basic mounting configurations, plug-in fast-on or solder mounting, printed circuit board solder mounting and plug-in 8, 11 or 14 pin relays
  • Contact combinations from 2 to 4 pole changeover
  • Control circuit voltages AC or DC from 6V to 240V
  • Relays are 6, 10 and 12 amp rated
  • Status indication either mechanical or LED or both
  • Sockets for 35mm DIN rail mounting
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Auxiliary Contactors – Series M and RL

  • Two versions, mini 16A (Series M) and industrial 20A high performance (Series RL)
  • Three terminal connection methods, screw, fast-on and printed circuit board mounting
  • Multi contact combinations up to 10 pole
  • Interface relays 24V DC 1.2 and 2 watt coils
  • Complies with IEC 947-1 and other international standards
  • DIN rail or panel mounting
  • Fully protected from accidental contact with live parts IP20
  • Wide choice of AC and DC coil voltage options single and dual frequency


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ASTAT S: Small soft starter with integral by-pass

ASTAT S is compact, easy to operate soft starter, designed for use with standard 3-phase squirrel cage motors. It provides an advanced method of reducing current during motor starting and stopping.

ASTAT S will start supplying a reduced voltage to the motor, increasing up to the rated voltage, so avoiding, high currents and generating soft starting and stopping.

The motor has to be able to start in a reduced voltage.


  • Solid soft starter for standard 3ph AC motors up to 30kW at 400V AC
  • Voltage ratings up to 600V
  • Two phase control with integral by-pass
  • Compact, small case
  • DIN rail mounting. Optional from 31A
  • Start and soft stop features
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Motorstarters – Series M, CL, CK

Direct-on-line starters
  • Series M
    • Power circuit : up to 690V AC
    • Control circuit : up to 600V AC
    • Protection degree IP00
  • Series CL
    • Power circuit : up to 690V AC
    • Control circuit : up to 600V AC
    • Protection degree IP00
    • Empty enclosures version
  • Series CK
    • Power circuit : up to 1000V AC
    • Control circuit : up to 690V AC
    • Protection degree IP00
Reversing Starters
  • Series M
    • Power circuit : up to 690V AC
    • Control circuit : up to 600V AC, up to 250V DC
    • Protection degree IP20
    • In accordance with EN60529
  • Series CL
    • Power circuit : up to 690V AC
    • Control circuit : up to 600V AC
    • Protection degree IP00
  • Series CK
    • Power circuit : up to 1000V AC
    • Control circuit : up to 660V AC
    • Protection degree IP00
Star-delta starters
  • Series CL
    • Power circuit : up to 1000V AC
    • Control circuit : up to 690V AC
    • Protection degree IP00
  • Series CK
    • Power circuit : up to 1000V AC
    • Control circuit : up to 660V AC
    • Protection degree IP00


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Digital soft starters for 3ph standard induction motors

GE´s new ASTAT XT solid state soft starter features microprocessor control digital technology. Setup and adjustment is performed through a six-buttom keypad and parameters or messages are displayed out trough a friendly LCD multilanguage interface with two rows, sixteen alphanumeric characters each. The design includes isolated I/O and high level of protection in their circuits to minimize the disturbance effects while working in the hardest industrial environment.

ASTAT XT Soft Starter offers reliable performance and smooth acceleration for a variety of standard AC motors up to 1400A and up to 690V, reducing mechanical shock to the driving system, resulting in extended component and motor life.

ASTAT XT offers many traditional features such a motor overload function, adjustable ramps, current limit, kick start, but also other high end features like Inside-Delta operation, Torque Control, Pump control and a reliable motor and unit set of protections.

Key Features

  • Ratings up to 1400Amps and up to 690VAC
  • Friendly multilanguage interface with two rows, sixteen characters each
  • Built-in with three extra power terminals for external bypass
  • In-Line or Inside-Delta operation modes
  • Torque control and pump control advanced features
  • Motor protection according IEC 10, 20 and NEMA 10, 20, 30, even if ASTAT XT is in By-pass
  • Built in communications RS485 port, and ModBus protocol as standard
  • Profi busDP and DeviceNet optional interfaces for communications


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