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Digital soft starters for 3ph standard induction motors

GE´s new ASTAT XT solid state soft starter features microprocessor control digital technology. Setup and adjustment is performed through a six-buttom keypad and parameters or messages are displayed out trough a friendly LCD multilanguage interface with two rows, sixteen alphanumeric characters each. The design includes isolated I/O and high level of protection in their circuits to minimize the disturbance effects while working in the hardest industrial environment.

ASTAT XT Soft Starter offers reliable performance and smooth acceleration for a variety of standard AC motors up to 1400A and up to 690V, reducing mechanical shock to the driving system, resulting in extended component and motor life.

ASTAT XT offers many traditional features such a motor overload function, adjustable ramps, current limit, kick start, but also other high end features like Inside-Delta operation, Torque Control, Pump control and a reliable motor and unit set of protections.

Key Features

  • Ratings up to 1400Amps and up to 690VAC
  • Friendly multilanguage interface with two rows, sixteen characters each
  • Built-in with three extra power terminals for external bypass
  • In-Line or Inside-Delta operation modes
  • Torque control and pump control advanced features
  • Motor protection according IEC 10, 20 and NEMA 10, 20, 30, even if ASTAT XT is in By-pass
  • Built in communications RS485 port, and ModBus protocol as standard
  • Profi busDP and DeviceNet optional interfaces for communications


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Main switches – Series ML

  • Ratings 25 – 125A three and four pole
  • Comply with IEC 947-3 AC23 utilisation category
  • Disconnecting electrical equipment from the main
  • Visible indication of contacts status (when operation handle is in the ‘OFF’ position all contacts are open)
  • Red/Yellow emergency stop operating handle
  • Handles padlockable in the ‘OFF’ position
  • Front and rear mounting options
  • Special emergency stop switches with undervoltage release available
  • Enclosed versions available
  • Wide choice of accessories : terminal shrouds, black/grey operating handles, auxiliary contact blocks, fixed and switched neutral add-on contact poles, shaft extensions for greater panel depth operation
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Thermal Overload Relay – Series MTO and RT

  • Two versions, mini and industrial
  • Ratings from:
    • Mini from 0.11 – 14amps in 16 sizes
    • Industrial from 0.16 – 850amps
  • Ambient temperature compensating
  • Single phase preventing
  • Manual or Automatic resetting
  • Trip test indication
  • Selectable manual or automatic reset with or without stop feature (industrial only)
  • Direct contactor connecting or independent mounting
  • Separate trip and alarm contacts
  • Trip Class 10, 10a, 20 and 30
  • Accessories for industrial relays:
    • Remote electrical reset device
    • Terminal protection covers
    • Remote cable reset devices
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Electronic Overload Relay

Electronic overload relays have been designed primarily to protect electric motors and associated electrical circuits. These devices operate on the principle of monitoring the current in a motor starter circuit which, when the current exceeds a pre set condition, or there is a loss of current in any phase, the device will initiate a trip circuit which in turn causes the power to the starter (contactor) to be disconnected thus making the circuit safe.

Product features and benefits:

  • Low power consumption: Saving space into cabinet
  • Great accuracy: Better motor protection
  • Full reliability: Low risk to burn motor
  • Phase unbalance protection: Better motor protection and current control
  • direct fitting to contactors Series CL: Compact starter
  • Interchangeable with thermal overload relay: No need to redesign existing cabinet
  • Multiple trip class selection: One device cover for start time motor
  • Manual / Auto reset: One device for two solutions

Main characteristics:

  • Setting range from 0.1 up to 150A
  • Self powered
  • Thermal memory
  • Phase loss protection
  • Phase unbalance protection
  • Direct fitting to contactors Series CL
  • Interchangeable with thermal overload relay
  • Multiple ttrip class selection
  • Manual / Auto reset
  • Increased flexibility, less order codes, less stock
  • Tripp class: 5 – 10 – 20 – 30


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Pressure Switches

  • Switches designed for transforming a pressure variation into an electrical signal when a pre-set pressure value is reached
  • Two versions available:
    • With bellows sensing element for pressures ranging between 0.002 Mpa (0.02 bar) minimum and 2.1 Mpa (21 bar) maximum
    • With piston sensing element for pressures ranging between 0.95 Mpa (9.5 bar) minimum and 37.25 Mpa (372.5 bar) maximum
  • Both versions are available with and without status indicating light
  • Switches comply wit IEC 947-5-1
  • Switch contacts are single or double pole with normally closed contacts positive break
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Limit Switches

  • Metal and Plastic body types to EN50041 and EN50047
  • Normally closed contacts are positive opening
  • High degree of ingress protection
  • Wide choice of operating heads
  • Pull wire rope switches available with and without latching features
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Variable Speed Drives – VAT 200 Mini ACDrives

Powerful, Intelligent, Efficient, Stylish – Feature Packed Control Solutions

GE Consumer & Industrial introduces a complete new line of feature packed drives. Power ratings from:

  • 0.4 to 2.2kW at 200-240V AC, single phase power supply
  • 0.4 to 7.5kW at 200-240V AC, three phase power supply
  • 0.75 to 55kW at 380-480V AC, three phase power supply

Key Features and advantages


  • Compact size
  • Built-in removable LED keypad
  • Optional multilanguage LCD keypad
  • Sensorless vector control or V/f control, selectable
  • Built-in with ModBus RTU Communications
  • Optional Field bus communication DeviceNet, Profi busDP
  • Integrated EMC fi lters for U20…FS series
  • Built-in with Dynamic Braking
  • Performed with simple PLC and PID functions
  • Easy start-up & tunning by PC or Keypad
  • Advanced programming and drive control by built-in PLC function
  • Easy maintenance
  • With so many features the benefits are considerable and the cost savings irresistible
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NEW: Grid Tie Photovoltaic Inverters – SVT Series

Make your installation efficient and reliable

By taking care of an accurate power conversion from solar to local grid, photovoltaic inverters SVT use conversion process with minimal power loss and maximum reliability.


  • Inverter technology: High frequency PWM without transformer
  • Waterproof design, IP65
  • Built-in MPPT boosters increase overall efficiency
  • Two independent MPPT boosters for 4 & 5kW units
  • Compact size
  • Fanless cooling system provided to guarantee quiet operation
  • Advanced Control Technology delivers accurate data
  • Easy connexions by plug & play with MC4 connectors
  • DC cables included, Easy to install to save time and money
  • Communications RS232 and Ethernet
  • 5 years warranty with possibility of extension
  • Monitoring software provided to offer operational status and electricity generated data



  • SVT software is available with your inverter or you can download it here (Zip 8.4MB)
  • Process real time data from each inverter or the total system with status and measurement informations
  • Wide range of analysis options (daily, monthly and annual generation trend graphs, CO2 savings, monetary yield…)
  • Clear display of several photovoltaic systems
  • Allows quick diagnostic when the system is not operating properly
  • Setup and configuration of instant e-mail and sms notifications of errors and events



CE Marking
RoHS directive
VDE 0126-1-1
RD1663 and DK5940




Check all GE dedicated product ranges for solar/photovoltaic applications 

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Variable Speed Drives – VAT 20

VAT20 is a small, flexible and low cost drive, for standard AC motors covering the power ratings from 0.2kW to 2.2kW at 200-240V Single Phase Power Source and from 0.75kW to 2.2kW at 380-460V Three Phase Power Source.

VAT20 includes a reliable set of both motor and drive protections, keypad and display, programmable digital and analogue I/Os, multi-mode frequency setting, Jog function, DC Braking and other functions only available in expensive drives. An optional accessory allows DIN rail mounting.

This drive range meet global UL and CSA standards, and is CE Marked including a built in Class A. Residential compliance is met by an external optional foot-print filter

Key Features


  • Compact DIN rail or panel mounting range
  • Voltage ratings: Single phase systems 200-240VAC and Three phase systems 380-460V, 50/60Hz
  • Applicable motor Power ratings from 0.2 to 2.2kW
  • Overload capacity 150% / 60 s
  • Working ambient temperature -10 to 50°C
  • Operator interface built-in keypad with LED display
  • Built-in EMC filter Class B
  • Global Standards UL & CSA and CE
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Contactors for Capacitors Switching – Series CSCN

With built-in resistance to switch three phase capacitor banks

“CSCN” contactors incorporate a front block with three early-make auxiliary contacts together with 6 quick discharge resistors (two per phase) through which the capacitors are switched to the network, reducing the current peak.
Once the resistors have damped the current peak, the main contacts shortcircuit the resistors, carrying the uninterrupted current.
A few miliseconds later the early-make auxiliary contact closes to guarantee that all current flows through the main contacts.

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