Make your installation efficient and reliable

By taking care of an accurate power conversion from solar to local grid, photovoltaic inverters SVT use conversion process with minimal power loss and maximum reliability.


  • Inverter technology: High frequency PWM without transformer
  • Waterproof design, IP65
  • Built-in MPPT boosters increase overall efficiency
  • Two independent MPPT boosters for 4 & 5kW units
  • Compact size
  • Fanless cooling system provided to guarantee quiet operation
  • Advanced Control Technology delivers accurate data
  • Easy connexions by plug & play with MC4 connectors
  • DC cables included, Easy to install to save time and money
  • Communications RS232 and Ethernet
  • 5 years warranty with possibility of extension
  • Monitoring software provided to offer operational status and electricity generated data



  • SVT software is available with your inverter or you can download it here (Zip 8.4MB)
  • Process real time data from each inverter or the total system with status and measurement informations
  • Wide range of analysis options (daily, monthly and annual generation trend graphs, CO2 savings, monetary yield…)
  • Clear display of several photovoltaic systems
  • Allows quick diagnostic when the system is not operating properly
  • Setup and configuration of instant e-mail and sms notifications of errors and events



CE Marking
RoHS directive
VDE 0126-1-1
RD1663 and DK5940




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