• 11151 Amman, Jordan

Pressure Switches

  • Switches designed for transforming a pressure variation into an electrical signal when a pre-set pressure value is reached
  • Two versions available:
    • With bellows sensing element for pressures ranging between 0.002 Mpa (0.02 bar) minimum and 2.1 Mpa (21 bar) maximum
    • With piston sensing element for pressures ranging between 0.95 Mpa (9.5 bar) minimum and 37.25 Mpa (372.5 bar) maximum
  • Both versions are available with and without status indicating light
  • Switches comply wit IEC 947-5-1
  • Switch contacts are single or double pole with normally closed contacts positive break
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Limit Switches

  • Metal and Plastic body types to EN50041 and EN50047
  • Normally closed contacts are positive opening
  • High degree of ingress protection
  • Wide choice of operating heads
  • Pull wire rope switches available with and without latching features
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