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Controlling and singalling units 30mm – Series 077

  • Industrial heavy duty chrome operating and signalling devices
  • Wide range of opaque and illuminated operating and signalling devices in a wide variety of colours
  • Wide choice of contact blocks and light source options available
  • High brightness mono LEDs in blue, red, green, yellow and white colours
  • Indicating lamp operators with either glass or plastic lenses
  • IEC947 compliant
  • Wide choice of accessories and metal pushbutton stations


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Cooling units – top/roof mounting

  • Cooling unit for top-mounting : cools at source of heat
  • Every unit is fitted with a fault contact
  • Every unit is fitted with lifting lugs to facilitate installation
  • Finish RAL 7035
  • IP54 protection against the switch cabinet
  • IP34 protection against the ambience

Cooling units – side and door mounting

  • Cooling unit for lateral installation
  • Every unit is fitted with a fault contact
  • Suspension device for easy installation
  • Finish RAL 7035
  • IP54 protection against the switch cabinet
  • IP34 protection against the ambience

Air/water cooling unit

  • For vertical installation – sealed with protective edging
  • Water circuit tested for 30 bar pressure
  • Temperature regulated by integrated thermostat
  • Finish RAL 7035

Cooling units – door/side mounting

  • Easy to install with "snap in" installation
  • Light weight construction
  • Finish RAL 7035

Air:/water heat exchanger

  • For horizontal mounting – water circuit tested for 30 bar pressure
  • Sealed with protective edging
  • Temperature regulated by integrated thermostat and solenoid valve
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The electrical operating elements built into a control enclosure, such as power converters, transformers, inductance coils, contactors, relays, etc., emit dissipation heat into the surrounding air.

If this dissipation heat is not removed, it may cause the temperature inside the enclosure to exceed the temperature permissible for electrical equipment. This poses a hazard to, in particular, electronic components.

The heat must therefore be removed to avoid malfunction and, ultimately, idle time. Natural aeration (by domes, gills, etc.) is not recommended, as the risk of contamination is very high and, in addition, the degree of protection of the enclosure cannot be maintained.

In such cases, forced aeration with appropriate built-in filters is the answer. In this system, the cooler ambient air is sucked by a fan into the lower part of the control enclosure, simultaneously filtered, and then blown into the body of the enclosure.

Here the air absorbs the dissipated heat and is then removed via an exhaust filter located in the upper part of the enclosure. An overpressure created simultaneously in the enclosure prevents dust particles penetrating any openings in the housing. Removing warm air by suction is not recommended, as the partial vacuum created within the enclosure would neutralise the dust protective effect.

Our filter fans are conform relevant CE regulations.

Contact-Voltage proof to DIN 31001. Resistance to foreign bodies and water to IP54 (EN 60529) is achieved by combining a horizontal air flow with a gasket delivered as a standard.

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  • Small heating units for enclosures are important accessories for guaranteeing operational safety of control and distribution units
  • They are mainly used to prevent formation of condensation or to maintain a minimum temperature inside the enclosure, that is, a few degrees above the temperature of the surrounding air
  • Energy saving
  • Dynamic heating-up
  • Self-regulating
  • Temperature-limiting
  • Quick snap-on fixing
  • No maintenance
  • Long endurance
  • Compact housing
  • In accordance with VDE 0700, IEC 60 335-1
  • Fitting, push-fit onto DIN 35 mm rail (EN 50 022)
  • Installation preferably at the bottom of the cabinet, at about 40 mm from the equipment itself
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