• The range is available in seven sizes, ranging from 300 x 200 to 1000 x 800 mm
  • The cabinets are made of light-grey (RAL 7035) hot moulded, glass fibre reinforced polyester, dyed in mass
  • The enclosure is furnished with four threaded studs and bolts for mounting plate or mounting frame installation
  • The enclosure provides total insulation and a protection degree of IP66 following IEC 60529 and EN 60529
  • Protection degree IK10 against external mechanical impacts according to EN 50102. (IK07 for cabinets with glazed door)
  • Resists temperatures up to 70°C in continuous use (peak temperatures up to 150°C)
  • Self extinguishing and halogen-free
  • Cabinets are maintenance free and corrosion resistant
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui = 1000V

ARIA New Features:

  • Ergonomic closing mechanism
  • A two point locking mechanism and operated by swing-handle (for profile half cylinder locks) Reducing closing force by 25%
  • Patented doorlifter ensuring the door taking it’s center position during closing (as from ARIA 75)
  • Self-adhesive rainhood as a standard accessory with each cabinet

Ideal for high performance applications in

  • Heavy industry (pulp & paper mills, mining sites, wood & lumber production, steel mills)
  • Petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Temporary connection (for construction yards, camping sites, harbours for pleasure crafts, market places, fairs)
  • Alimentation industry and breweries
  • Waste water treatment, public lighting, traffic control, signalisation
  • For installation in aggressive environments such as shipyards, offshore oil production platforms, mining sites
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