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Insulated Wall Mounting Cabinets – ARIA

  • The range is available in seven sizes, ranging from 300 x 200 to 1000 x 800 mm
  • The cabinets are made of light-grey (RAL 7035) hot moulded, glass fibre reinforced polyester, dyed in mass
  • The enclosure is furnished with four threaded studs and bolts for mounting plate or mounting frame installation
  • The enclosure provides total insulation and a protection degree of IP66 following IEC 60529 and EN 60529
  • Protection degree IK10 against external mechanical impacts according to EN 50102. (IK07 for cabinets with glazed door)
  • Resists temperatures up to 70°C in continuous use (peak temperatures up to 150°C)
  • Self extinguishing and halogen-free
  • Cabinets are maintenance free and corrosion resistant
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui = 1000V

ARIA New Features:

  • Ergonomic closing mechanism
  • A two point locking mechanism and operated by swing-handle (for profile half cylinder locks) Reducing closing force by 25%
  • Patented doorlifter ensuring the door taking it’s center position during closing (as from ARIA 75)
  • Self-adhesive rainhood as a standard accessory with each cabinet

Ideal for high performance applications in

  • Heavy industry (pulp & paper mills, mining sites, wood & lumber production, steel mills)
  • Petroleum refineries, chemical and petrochemical plants
  • Temporary connection (for construction yards, camping sites, harbours for pleasure crafts, market places, fairs)
  • Alimentation industry and breweries
  • Waste water treatment, public lighting, traffic control, signalisation
  • For installation in aggressive environments such as shipyards, offshore oil production platforms, mining sites
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RVS – Pedestals in stainless steel

  • Cabinets are made of 2 mm AISI 304 stainless steel with polyester surface treatment in RAL 7034
  • Anti-graffiti treatment available on request
  • Other RAL colours available on request
  • Doors are fitted with stainless steel hinged rods (8 mm) and the opened door is easy removable without tools
  • Doors hinge pins turn in nylon bushings, no corrosion at critical points of rotation is possible
  • Natural ventilation with protection degree IP43
  • Large opening between doors and cabinet frame, no moisture accumulation is possible
  • Automatic condensation evacuation thanks to unique design of cabinet base
  • Natural ventilation thanks to labyrinth openings on top of the side panels and special base design
  • No internal moisture problems thanks to polystyrene plate inside the roof panel; any moisture formed is automatically discharged along vertical sides of cabinet
  • A 3 point rod closing mechanism sliding in synthetic bearings for high cabinets and double door cabinets. A single locking point mechanism for smaller doors
  • Standard handle suitable for profile half-cylinder lock. Other lock types are available on request
  • Cabinet suitable for fixing, with four M12 bolts, to concrete or stainless steel basements according to DIN 43629. The stainless steel fixing bolts are adjustable
  • Wall mounting brackets and a stainless steel bottom plate in the RAL 7034 are available in case of wall mounting
  • Four or six fixing holes in rear panel for mounting a mounting plate or frame
  • Cables easily inserted thanks to removable bottom profile
  • Guaranteed earthing independent of corrosionsensitive transitional surfaces

RVS Features:

  • The cabinets can be placed on either concrete or stainless steel bases
  • They can also be adapted for wall mounting
  • The protection degree IP43-IK 10 according to IEC 60529 and EN 50102
  • A high mechanical impact resistance according to IEC 60439-5 ensures that the cabinet is extremely vandal proof
  • Flexibility in dimensions, colour and design
  • Easy and cheap to recycle
  • Guaranteed 30-year service life
  • Maintenance-free
  • Good mechanical properties (IEC 60947)
  • High torsion resistance
  • Resists impact test with sharp point according to EN 60439-5
  • High IK value
  • Twists and bends (no tears or holes) on impact
  • High fire resistance
  • High vandal resistance
  • Special designs rapidly available, even as single orders
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Cooling units – top/roof mounting

  • Cooling unit for top-mounting : cools at source of heat
  • Every unit is fitted with a fault contact
  • Every unit is fitted with lifting lugs to facilitate installation
  • Finish RAL 7035
  • IP54 protection against the switch cabinet
  • IP34 protection against the ambience

Cooling units – side and door mounting

  • Cooling unit for lateral installation
  • Every unit is fitted with a fault contact
  • Suspension device for easy installation
  • Finish RAL 7035
  • IP54 protection against the switch cabinet
  • IP34 protection against the ambience

Air/water cooling unit

  • For vertical installation – sealed with protective edging
  • Water circuit tested for 30 bar pressure
  • Temperature regulated by integrated thermostat
  • Finish RAL 7035

Cooling units – door/side mounting

  • Easy to install with "snap in" installation
  • Light weight construction
  • Finish RAL 7035

Air:/water heat exchanger

  • For horizontal mounting – water circuit tested for 30 bar pressure
  • Sealed with protective edging
  • Temperature regulated by integrated thermostat and solenoid valve
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The electrical operating elements built into a control enclosure, such as power converters, transformers, inductance coils, contactors, relays, etc., emit dissipation heat into the surrounding air.

If this dissipation heat is not removed, it may cause the temperature inside the enclosure to exceed the temperature permissible for electrical equipment. This poses a hazard to, in particular, electronic components.

The heat must therefore be removed to avoid malfunction and, ultimately, idle time. Natural aeration (by domes, gills, etc.) is not recommended, as the risk of contamination is very high and, in addition, the degree of protection of the enclosure cannot be maintained.

In such cases, forced aeration with appropriate built-in filters is the answer. In this system, the cooler ambient air is sucked by a fan into the lower part of the control enclosure, simultaneously filtered, and then blown into the body of the enclosure.

Here the air absorbs the dissipated heat and is then removed via an exhaust filter located in the upper part of the enclosure. An overpressure created simultaneously in the enclosure prevents dust particles penetrating any openings in the housing. Removing warm air by suction is not recommended, as the partial vacuum created within the enclosure would neutralise the dust protective effect.

Our filter fans are conform relevant CE regulations.

Contact-Voltage proof to DIN 31001. Resistance to foreign bodies and water to IP54 (EN 60529) is achieved by combining a horizontal air flow with a gasket delivered as a standard.

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  • Small heating units for enclosures are important accessories for guaranteeing operational safety of control and distribution units
  • They are mainly used to prevent formation of condensation or to maintain a minimum temperature inside the enclosure, that is, a few degrees above the temperature of the surrounding air
  • Energy saving
  • Dynamic heating-up
  • Self-regulating
  • Temperature-limiting
  • Quick snap-on fixing
  • No maintenance
  • Long endurance
  • Compact housing
  • In accordance with VDE 0700, IEC 60 335-1
  • Fitting, push-fit onto DIN 35 mm rail (EN 50 022)
  • Installation preferably at the bottom of the cabinet, at about 40 mm from the equipment itself
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UC-Cabinet – Subterranean enclosures

As we share the same space with an ever increasing number of people, public areas like streets, squares and parks will be used with increasing intensity, creating a strong demand for solutions that manage to avoid obstacles at street level as much as possible.

GE Power Protection, being a major supplier of street level distribution switchboxes for telecommunications, energy and CATV distribution connectivity, has developed UC-Cabinet enclosures for this purpose. UC-Cabinet enclosures are switchboxes that are installed underground and are suitable for installing all kinds of equipment for permanent or temporary connectivity. The distinguishing characteristic of UC-Cabinet enclosures is that they can remain underground both in active and passive condition, which means that they do not constitute any obstacle whatsoever.

These UC-Cabinet enclosures can be employed, among other applications, for temporary mains hook-ups for the benefit of markets, fairs or other events. However, they are also eminently suitable for permanent connections, low voltage energy distribution, glass fibre connections for a variety of IT related applications, or for installing supporting equipment for mobile telephony.

The tops of the underground UC-Cabinet enclosures can be finished in such a way that they become an aesthetically pleasing part of their surroundings.

UC-Cabinet – The principle of the diving Bell

The principle of the UC-Cabinet enclosure is based on the same principle as the diving bell.

A diving bell is a 5-walled, hermetically sealed compartment.

Under normal conditions, the opening is at the bottom, so that in case of a rising water table the underside is closed off completely by water.

As the water table rises, the air present in the sealed unit will be compressed until an equilibrium is reached between the air pressure and the force exerted by the rising water, at which point the water will rise no further (Boyle’s Law).

Even if the UC-Cabinet enclosure becomes fully immersed in water, for example in the case of flooding, heavy rains etc. the air bubble trapped in the sealed compartment will remain large enough to prevent the plastic enclosures in which the equipment has been installed from coming into contact with water.

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Switch board: Modula 630K

  • A range of 12 enclosures equipped with a various range of functional units based on a module of 50 mm x 500 mm offering maximum possibilities to the panelboard builder
  • Type tested distribution boards according to EN 60439-1
  • Type tested energy distribution enclosure conforms to EN 60439-1
  • LOVAG approved
  • Manufactured in sheet steel and delivered in flat pack format
  • Designed for 630A – 690V 40/60 Hz – 30 kA eff
  • Easy wiring, due to the direct mounting of the functional units on the rear panel, used as mounting plate
  • Cabinets are available as standard with protection degree IP41 and a high mechanical impact of IK08
  • The application of the range makes it ideal for installation in electrical distribution systems in industrial and commercial markets

Modula 630K Features

  • Delivered in kit form
  • Form 1 and Form 2
  • Easy wiring due to direct mounting of the functional units on the rear panel, used as a mounting plate

Protection Level

  • Without door IP40 – IK07
  • With plain door IP41 – IK08
  • With transparent door IP41 – IK07

Materials Used

  • Sheet steel coated with oven-baked epoxy paint
  • Doors, side panels and roof: 1 mm thick
  • Upper/bottom panels and bases: 2 mm thick
  • Sendzimir zinc plated steel
  • Rear panel: 1.5 mm thick
  • Coupling kit: 2 mm thick


  • RAL 7035: enclosure, doors and protective covers
  • RAL 7024: bases
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Wall Mounting System Enclosures – Fix-o-RailSenior

  • Type tested energy distribution enclosure conforms to EN 60439-1
  • KEMA and CEBEC approved
  • The application of the range is ideal for the installation of electrical energy distribution in domestic and commercial markets
  • Secure: total insulation
  • A range of 5 standard enclosures equipped with a removable DIN rail frame and polyester cover plates offers maximum protection thanks to the total insulation
  • Universal: for DIN-rail equipment up to 92.5 mm
  • Easy wiring, due to the flexible cable entry plates on top and bottom
  • Cabinets are available as standard with protection degree IP41 and have high mechanical impact of IK08

The Fix-o-Rail Senior cabinet includes:

  • Base in RAL 7035
  • Mounting Frame
  • Labels for Circuit Indication
  • Coverplates
  • A transparent or Grey Door
  • Closed by Handle without Lock
  • Sealing Option
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VMS – Modular enclosures system

  • The range consists of five boxes based on a 100 mm module
  • The innovative coupling concept allows easy, rapid assembly of any combination of units without the need for tools
  • The open bases offer excellent accessibility and wiring space for installation, mounting and cable connection, even after coupling
  • The side panel openings can be closed by either blind or combi end plates. Once mounted, end plates fit perfectly flush with the side panels of the base
  • Each large box is a multiple of a smaller one. Its fixing points in increments of 25 mm in bottom plate and top end are also a multiple of those of a small box
  • he base and end plates are made of light grey (RAL 7035) glass fiber reinforced polycarbonate. The cover is made of either transparent or opaque light grey (RAL 7035) polycarbonate
  • A multiple of accessories like mounting plates, cover plates, depth extension frame, … makes the VMS a complete system for electrical distribution and control applications
  • VMS boxes are halogen-free, corrosion resistant and require no maintenance
  • VMS boxes provide optimum security to both operations and equipment because they feature total insulation and protection degree IP65 according to IEC 60529 and EN 60529
  • This protection covers the total volume of the enclosure according to EN 50298
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Insulated Wall Mounting Cabinets – Superpolyrel400: Phased out

After the launch of the PolySafe multipurpose polyester enclosures in 2000, the Superpolyrel 300 was phased out. Also, the Superpolyrel 400 is no longer available. With the PolySafe depth extension kit and the EH3-great depth we offer alternative solutions. As of November 1st 2007 we can no longer accept any new order for the complete Superpolyrel range. Please make arrangements for this transition.

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