HabiTEQ™-Logic is a user-friendly, prewired distribution board fitted with the most frequently requested home automation modules. The HabiTEQ™-Logic is targeted at modern electrical installations, perfectly suited for apartments, residential homes and villas. The Q-Logic range comprises of four standardized distribution boards tailored for complete  home automation solutions. 

This intelligent “plug and play” automation solution has been designed for easy installation and time saving, requiring only a competent electrician to get things up and running. The system is flexible, allowing addition of various automation blocks like intelligent switches, detectors, displays, SMS and web interface devices to enhance or achieve desired functionality.
Once in place the system can be programmed using a PC through a serial link, giving the home owner complete control over lighting, heating, security , audio , electrical appliances, curtains and blinds through a choice of interfaces. bringing a whole new level of convenience to his living space. 

  • Seamlessly integrating safety, security, lighting, climate, automated barriers, audio and more ..!! GE HabiTEQ™-Logic provides comfort, control and convenience through multiple stylish user interface (touch screen, switches etc..)..
  • Easy to install and infinitely customizable through S/W adding tangible value to builders, installers and homeowners what ever the property apartment,family,homes,villas……

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