This program assists the installer and board technician when preparing and creating quotations for industrial and commercial GE electrical distribution systems: Modula Plus, Modula 630K and SEN Plus and SE Digital Power.

Key Features

  • Automatic configuration (places devices automatically into the enclosures)
  • Calculation screen where the customer can introduce all the cost and benefit parameters they require
  • Display of the customer logo in reports
  • Front and rear technical drawing views
  • Export to MS office and PDF format files
  • Discount management
  • Net prices management
  • 8 different languages
  • Unique drag and drop concept to facilitate user friendliness
  • Incorporation of specific or non GE devices
  • Connection with ProceraPlus
  • 3 different ways of selecting devices
  • Copy and paste of entire cabinets as well as individual kits
  • New environment with modern look and feel
  • Focus on speed of configurations and accuracy of reports
  • Addition of Material Quotation, a new module to create quick quotations
  • Manage the modules added into every Kit
  • And many more features….
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