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SEK type tested

Type tested to IEC 439, IEC 947 and DIN. VDE. 660 pt 500
Arcproof design, fully insulated bus bars and risers to maximise safety
Fully withdraweable incomers and feeders, including comprehensive safety interlocks to protect both person and plant
HSEV Fuse Switch available in either BS/DIN fuses or MCCB configurations in up 32 modules per column
 Rated operational voltage: 690v
Rated current: Up to 5000 A
 Rated Insulation voltage: 1000v
Rated short time withstand current: Up to 100kA
Rated impulse withstand current: Up to 220kA
Protection class tot IEC 529: IP 20 to 54
Height: 2200mm
Depth: 600,800 & 1000 mm
Width: 400,500,600,800,1000 mm
Typical form of segregation: Form 1 to 4.7
Structure: Aluzinc

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Switch Board SEN Plus

A Type Tested Assembly to IEC 61439-2 and IEC 60439-1,of robust, modular and compact construction
Tested to comply with internal arc tests IEC/TR 61641
Front access switchboard suitable for mounting against a wall providing front access for installation and maintenance of equipment
Outgoing ways are available in fully withdrawable, plug-in or fixed versions for short circuit protection devices S.C.P.D.
Rated operational voltage: 690V AC, 600V DC
Rated current: Up to 7800 A
Rated Insulation voltage: 1000 V
 Rated short time withstand current: Up to 100kA
 Rated impulse withstand current: Up to 220kA
Ingress Protection class to IEC 529: IP 30 to 54
Height: 2000, 2200mm
Depth: 600, 800 & 1200mm
Width: 400, 500, 600, 800, 1000, 1200 mm
Typical form of separation: Form 1 to Form 4b
Up to 40 x 100A TP FUSE SWITCHES Per column
  Colour RAL 7035 Epoxy-polyester paint

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Switch board: Modula 630K

  • A range of 12 enclosures equipped with a various range of functional units based on a module of 50 mm x 500 mm offering maximum possibilities to the panelboard builder
  • Type tested distribution boards according to EN 60439-1
  • Type tested energy distribution enclosure conforms to EN 60439-1
  • LOVAG approved
  • Manufactured in sheet steel and delivered in flat pack format
  • Designed for 630A – 690V 40/60 Hz – 30 kA eff
  • Easy wiring, due to the direct mounting of the functional units on the rear panel, used as mounting plate
  • Cabinets are available as standard with protection degree IP41 and a high mechanical impact of IK08
  • The application of the range makes it ideal for installation in electrical distribution systems in industrial and commercial markets

Modula 630K Features

  • Delivered in kit form
  • Form 1 and Form 2
  • Easy wiring due to direct mounting of the functional units on the rear panel, used as a mounting plate

Protection Level

  • Without door IP40 – IK07
  • With plain door IP41 – IK08
  • With transparent door IP41 – IK07

Materials Used

  • Sheet steel coated with oven-baked epoxy paint
  • Doors, side panels and roof: 1 mm thick
  • Upper/bottom panels and bases: 2 mm thick
  • Sendzimir zinc plated steel
  • Rear panel: 1.5 mm thick
  • Coupling kit: 2 mm thick


  • RAL 7035: enclosure, doors and protective covers
  • RAL 7024: bases
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Switch Board – Modula Plus

Modula Plus

  • A range of floor standing enclosures, busbar systems and functional units prepared to mount LV devices
  • Offered in kit form, designed for low voltage distribution boards up to 4000A
  • Cabinets are offered in 500mm & 700mm depths, in 650mm & 900mm widths. All cubicles are 2000mm high
  • Type tested conforms to EN 60439-1

Modula Plus Features

  • Form1, form2 & form3 (incoming section)
  • Rated operational voltage Ue: 690V
  • Rated insulation voltage Ui: 1000V
  • Rated frequency: 50-60Hz
  • Rated short circuit current Icw 70kA/1s

Standard application

  • Air circuit breaker 400A-4000A, fixed & withdrawable
  • Loadbreak switches up to 2500A, fixed, fused or fuseless
  • MCCB’s up to 1600A, fixed or plug in
  • Miniature circuit breakers

Protection Level

  • With door IP55
  • Without door IP30

Materials Used

  • Cabinet – Sheet steel, 1mm
  • External panel – Sheet steel, 2mm powder coated
  • Doors – Sheet steel, 2mm powder coated
  • Mounting plates – Sendzimir zinc plated steel


  • External – RAL 7035
  • Coverplates – RAL 7024
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