VAT300 is a new generation high performance VSD incorporating the latest technology in both software and hardware.

  • The new generation drive is more compact and has a smaller footprint covering power ratings from 0.75kW to 475KW in normal duty, or up to 400KW in heavy duty.
  • High starting torque up to 200% or more, can be achieved even using standard AC induction motors.
  • VAT300 is able to power not only standard induction motors, but also, the new generation of permanent magnet motors. In both cases, sensorless or close loop control are available.
  • As well as satisfying Industry requirements, with its advanced and high performance functions, VAT300 is hailed a truly environmentally friendly drive with dedicated energy saving functions and careful selection of components to meet environmental directives.
  • Multimode control: all in one single drive
    – V/f control for constant torque loads and quadratic loads
    – Vector control, both closed loop and sensorless
    – PM motor control, both closed loop and sensorless
  • Dynamic braking built-in drives up to 22kW
  • Advanced features
    – User programmable built-in PLC
    – Configurable PID control
    – Multi-pump control
  • Communications
    – ModBus, ProfibusDP, DeviceNet, CANopen, CC-Link
    – Multilanguage Interface
  • Dedicated version for lift applications – VAT300L
  • Environmentally friendly design
    – RoHS directive compliant
    – High efficiency operation
    – Dioxin-free plastic enclosure
  • Global Design
    – Meets global standards UL, cUL, CE
  • Multi-language interface